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Adsorption/Ion-exchange Subcommittee

Adsorption / Ion-exchange have been widely applied for purification and separation of various substances. In recent years, adsorption / ion-exchange related technologies are getting more and more important in the energy, environmental and medical fields. For instance, adsorptive purification / separation support clean energy supply by producing highly purified hydrogen. Adsorption / Ion-exchange technologies also take an important role in material cycle as the means of recovery of worthy materials from waste matters.

Adsorption / Ion-exchange subcommittee provides integrated knowledge of the researchers and engineers from industry to contribute issues of environment, resource, and energy. Subcommittee members can exchange their knowledge for solving current technical problems and developing new processes.

Contact Adsorption/Ion-exchange

Keisuke Ohto (Representative/Secretary) / Masahiro Kato (Sub-representative)

Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Saga University